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Cristofer Clemente and Sandra Moreno Won The New Look Artenara Ultra Trail 2019

The tenth edition of the Artenara Trail was held on Saturday 12 January in absolutely clear weather conditions at the summit of Gran Canaria. The 7 am starting time of the ultra distance had runners of the calibe of Luca Papi, Cristofer Clemente, Esteban Garcia, Dani Santana, Carmelo Gonzalez, Sebenzui Falcon and Sandra Moreno at […]

Javier Gómez Noya Returns To Olympic Distance and will fight for gold in Tokyo 2020

It was one of the big questions heading into 2019: Would Javier Gómez Noya continue betting on long distance triathlon and fighting for the Ironman World Championship crown in Kona? Or would he return to the Olympic distance to try to conquer the gold in the next Tokyo 2020 Games? Bearing in mind that other […]

10 Best Athlete Gifts Under $50

Proviz ProGlo Reflective Vest The Proviz ProGlo running vest has been designed to give you a super lightweight running gilet that looks great and helps you stand out at night. Like the ProGlo running jacket, our designers have focused on the weight of the vest to give you optimum comfort. It weighs in at only […]

3 Biggest Mistakes at the Gym – STOP THIS NOW!

The biggest mistakes that newbies make in the gym can be broken down into three key areas: Not using the equipment correctly; lifting too heavy too soon, and finally a lack of planning. Getting the first two sorted will go a long way to preventing injury setbacks that can end your gym lifestyle before it […]


When most people think of what the body needs to cope with running the 100km distance, the only consideration is usually hydration and fueling. However, that’s barely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Yes it is true that fueling is important. You have to remember that ultra distances of 50 miles and longer require more […]