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My Favorite Multi Vitamin

Now that we are getting into the coldest months of the year (not that I really notice the cold in the South of Spain) conversation inevitably turns to options for vitamin supplements. My winter time vitamin regime is almost identical to what I do in summer. I share that with you in THIS video. What […]

Whole Food Fueling for Runners

It is well known that I am a firm advocate of whole food options when it comes to athlete fueling, both in training and racing. The question that flows from that is what are my personal choices for whole food athlete fuel. That is what I cover in THIS video. What about you? What whole […]

Weight training for a 100 Miler

Today’s question deals with the option of doing weight training for a 100 mile ultra marathon. The athlete wants to increase his gym sessions to four workouts per week of lifting weights. I suppose that he is afraid of losing his ‘gains’. This video gives my view on the role of pumping heavy weights as […]

The Week In Tri: Tails Wagging Dogs – Who Controls Triathlon: Episode #018

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: The DRAMATIC shift in the power base of international triathlon… Ironman athletes interrupt their swim at the 70.3 in South Africa to rescue some people from potential drowning. All this and more in this week’s episode as we take in the latest triathlon news from […]


Now that the cooler temperatures have started reaching some of us up north – although it is still suntan weather here in Spain… The time has arrived for the most of us to start layering up against the chill. Sometimes there are some parts of your anatomy that seem to stay chilled, no matter what […]

Using CROSS TRAINING for ALL WORKOUTS 50 Miler Preparation

We have all heard of the benefits of cross training as a way to gain cardio fitness while taking a break from the impact nature of running. What happens when an injury sidelines you from your 50 miler training program and cross training is your only pain free alternative for most of your remaining weeks […]

Controling Exercise HEART RATE with Hydration and Nutrition

As we all know, many and varied external factors will impact on your heart rate during a workout or race. But what about your nutrition and hydration strategy. To understand the impact this has on your exercise heart rate watch today’s video. What do you think about the effects of nutrition and hydration on exercise […]

Hydration vests vs Handhelds which is better

Spring is on the way and that naturally leads to the need for carrying hydration with you on your longer runs. Lets use the opportunity to weigh up the pros and cons of hand held hydration vs Hydration Vests. I use both and explain my favorite option in this video. Which is your favorite? Share […]


Hydration is a vitally important aspect of athletic performance – not just during your run or race, but all day, every day. That is why I have devoted an entire chapter of my book to how you can maintain proper hydration – so that you start your run in a way that gives you the […]

The Week In Tri: Another New Chinese IM70.3 with KONA SLOTS – Episode #017

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: Australia’s challenging Olympic selection process… Yet another Chinese Ironman 70.3 is awarding Kona slots. A trend seems to be developing here. All this and more in this week’s episode as we take in the latest triathlon news from around the globe and preview the international […]