The Week In Tri: Tails Wagging Dogs – Who Controls Triathlon: Episode #018


Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include:

The DRAMATIC shift in the power base of international triathlon…

Ironman athletes interrupt their swim at the 70.3 in South Africa to rescue some people from potential drowning.

All this and more in this week’s episode as we take in the latest triathlon news from around the globe and preview the international races this coming weekend…

There has been a dramatic shift in the power base of international triathlon. The golden rule of franchising is that you never let too many of your “outlets” be controlled by a single franchisee / owner – or else that franchisee gains too much economic power within your organization and you have the effect of the tail wagging the dog. It seems that the folks from the ITU were all sleeping in on the morning that was taught at Franchise school.

You see, the ITU owns the “brand” of the World Triathlon Series. It is a series that consists of nine events. Last year Ironman took control of the WTS Gold Coast (Australia) event. Now, with the purchase of the Lagardère Sports’ endurance division, Ironman has taken control of a further five WTS events. The result of all of this is Ironman now controls 66% of the ITU’s World Triathlon Series. Not necessarily the smartest business move there, ITU…

An interesting story emerged from the Ironman 70.3 South Africa last weekend. Two athletes interrupted their swim and with the help of one of the race referees rescued two youths who had been caught by the rip current near to the swim course. After the surf rescue was completed they continued with their swim, bike and run.

Last weekend in IRONMAN
24 January (Sunday)
IM70.3 Buffalo City, South Africa: Jodie Swallow (GBR) for the sixth straight year and MattTrautman (RSA) defending champion.

This weekend in IRONMAN
29 January (Friday)
IM70.3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
31 January (Sunday)
IM70.3 Panama City, Panama:

The Challenge Family is extending a Caribbean Calling to everyone on 23 October. That is the date of the first ever Challenge Aruba, to be set over the ‘half distance.’

Last Weekend in Challenge:
There were no Challenge events last weekend.

This Weekend in Challenge:
31 January (Sunday)
Half Challenge Melbourne Australia:


The world of XTERRA is in “sleep mode” till February 2016.

The biggest news out of the ITU is that the ITU president has had a meeting with the IOC president.

It seems that meetings and gala dinners are of far greater importance than maintaining economic control of the World Triathlon Series…

Last weekend in ITU:
23 January (Saturday)
ETU Winter European Triathlon Championship: Olga Parfinenko (RUS) and Pavel Andreev (RUS)

This weekend in ITU
31 January (Sunday)
American Continental Cup, Merida, Mexico: