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Fueling for Runs with REFINED SUGAR

If I am to believe everything I read in magazines and online, then everybody has a borderline allergy or at the least a chronic allergy to refined sugar. Yet just about every single gel and sports drink seems to be loaded with the stuff. This video is my alternative to setting up a special twelve […]

How many CALORIES per day to fuel INJURY RECOVERY

We all know that good nutrition (and hydration) is vital for post workout recovery – and this often sparks animated debates around how much good nutrition is enough. But what about when you are carrying an injury? Your output is less, so how much nutrition do you need to fuel your rehabilitation? These are the […]

Headlamp Failure on the trails

Here are two scenarios that I am sure that many can relate to: First, you’re out on the trails in the dark of the late night or pre-dawn… and the patch of illumination form your headlamp fades to black in front of you. The second is tripping over a tree root or a rock and […]

Using Experience to build a MARATHON TRAINING PLAN

As we move out of winter into the first days of spring so many of us sit down with pen and paper to draw up training schedules and race calendars. What type of plan do you compile from prior year experience? Is it filled with the workouts you enjoy? Or is it filled with the […]

The Week In Tri: FLORA DUFFY ON FIRE THIS YEAR – Episode #022

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: Flora Duffy showing unbelievable early season form during an Olympic year. Then we have Yvonne Van Vlerken crushing the field at the full distance Challenge in New Zealand. All this and more in this week’s episode as we take in the latest triathlon news from […]

My Opinion of CREATINE

Creatine is one of those supplements that is both legal and does improve recovery. But are there better and / or cheaper choices than creatine? That is the topic that I study in today’s video. What are your thoughts on creatine? share below.


This video is a response to a posting put up by a fellow runner wanting some tips and ideas on how to improve his videos and edits. If you like making videos of your trail runs, then this will be for you – let me help you to create better trail run video content for […]

Self Motivation for Runners like THIS

What do you do on those days that feel so phenomenally heavy that getting out the door seems beyond you. Or once you are out, the whole effort of running just simply feels too much. Today’s video deals with exactly this situation and how to lift yourself out of the funk. What do you do […]


Many runners have a very relaxed “fly by the seat of their pants” structure to their training, while other athletes have an OCD level of strictness regarding distance, time and intensity of each part of every workout. Both have advantages and disadvantages. In today’s video I balance the one against the other to help you […]

Krispy Kreme Challenge promoting obesity and heart disease

I am astounded… A 5k running event where competitors need to stop half way and consume 4200kCal of donuts… That’s around 2200kCal of saturated fat. Saturated fat that makes red blood cells stick together and not deliver oxygen to the muscles. Saturated fat that blocks glycogen delivery to your muscles. In today’s video I look […]