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More on Double Run Days

Whether double or multiple run days, so many seem to believe that the age group athlete will get no benefit from splitting the workout. Sure, both Ironman and track world champion athletes do up to four run workouts in a single day. But those are absolute top elite athletes. Is it delusional to think that […]

I keep the SWEAT out of my EYES like THIS

Here in Spain, Spring is heating toward summery weather very quickly this year. And with the hotter weather comes higher sweat rates – which is great for flushing out sodium. And with the sweat comes that well known feeling of burning eyes. In this video I explain what I do to keep the sweat out […]

How to NOT feel like crap after RUNNING LONG

I am sure that we have all had THAT long run, the one we would rather forget – but can’t… You feel run down and like total crap for hours and sometimes even days afterwards. This video explains what I do to prevent feeling like crap afterwards – no matter how long my run is. […]

BEST Phone Carry Option for Runners

There are many different options for taking your mobile phone on a run with you. This video explains my preferred method. What’s yours? share below.

A Question of BALANCE

The better your level of balance the more efficient your running stride will be as you will maintain good posture even if the trail is uneven. This video looks at the question of balance and what balance factors have the best carry over to run form. What about you? what do you do to improve […]

The Week In Tri: MASSIVE NEWS from IRONMAN and ALCATRAZ – Episode 026

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: Ironman launches CoachMatch to pair athletes with Ironman Certified Coaches. News from the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. ITU crowns 3 continental champions. All this and more in this week’s episode as we take in the latest triathlon news from around the globe and preview the […]

Nutrition: CAFFEINATED or DECAFFEINATED – That is the Question

Caffeine: Proven performance enhancing agent and was once on the WADA banned substance list. So it may come as a surprise to many what my personal opinion is on the role of caffeinated nutritional supplements. This video explains the reasoning behind my opinion. What about you? Do you go out training brimming to the jumpy […]

Using SALT tablets to REDUCE bloating and swelling WTF

Just when I think that I have seen it all, somebody comes up with a way to shoot themselves in the foot so well that all I can do is shake my head and face-palm. This video discusses one such case. What do you do to reduce water retention and bloating? Share below.

Solving Dry Skin Issues

Wind, sun, rain and snow all take their toll on your skin. Instead of trying to treat the outcome topically, focus instead on what is causing your skin to dry out. This video covers strategies for preventing dry skin that have worked for me and can work for you too. That about you? What do […]

Bouncing Back form missed Training Sessions – LIKE THIS

We all know those times when weather, work and life seen to conspire at the exact time of the peak week of our training programs; and by the time the week has past it feels as though all our training and race goals have been shafted. This video explains how I get back on track […]