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Why a DRY MOUTH during a run is BAD FOR YOU

We all know the cotton ball dry mouth feeling. But how good or bad is it for you. The research is in and it’s not quite what you’d been hoping. This video explains why. What about you? Share your experiences with dry mouth running below.  

Number One Cause of Cycling Injuries for Runners

When runners take up cycling for cross training there are two factors (other than crashes) that lead to 99% of the cycling related injuries that runners sustain. This video covers those two factors in greater depth. What about you? Did you get injured after taking up cycling? Share below.

The Tim Ferriss Super Healthy 3 minute breakfast – Review

Tim Ferriss, of four hour work week fame, published a video of his super healthy 3 minute breakfast. A breakfast that will see you through your morning workout and your day at office till lunch time. My book has two chapters dealing with athlete nutrition. Therefore I was intrigued, so I took a closer look. […]

How to Increase Participation in YOUR EVENT

Variety is the spice of life… and the spice of the Coach Edu Q&A sessions. In today’s video we move away from the traditional athlete question and look at one of the largest challenges faced by small running clubs. Participation. Most small running clubs are staffed voluntarily by people passionate about the sport. For these […]

The Week In Tri: World Triathlon Series ITU Abu Dhabi Preview – Episode #023

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: We Preview the opening round of the World Triathlon Series that takes place in Abu Dhabi this weekend. All this and more in this week’s episode as we take in the latest triathlon news from around the globe and preview the international races this coming […]