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The Week In Tri: Team GB and Spain extend DOMINATION ITU Triathlon – Episode #031

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: The 62 year old man who raced 12 full distance Ironman events last year. Great Britain and Spain extend their domination of women’s and men’s elite racing in the ITU with new faces at the top of the podium. Meanwhile at administrative level the ITU […]

Raceweek Revisited

The days are getting longer, and the calendar is filling with fun and challenging events to take on over the weekends. So this makes a good time to take another look at a typical race week and how to ensure you arrive at the start line in YOUR best possible condition. This video is about […]

Beach Body Plan

Warning: If you are looking for a miracle pill or potion that will reverse years or decades of unhealthy living in an instant – then this is not for you. If that is your goal then continue listening to the snake oil hustlers who have no regard for your health at all. Are you looking […]

Low Carb Insomnia

All to often people that embark on a low carb, high fat lifestyle have a protracted period of acute insomnia to deal with. In this video I discuss reasons and my solutions for “Low Carb Insomnia”. What about you? How have you dealt with Low Carb Insomnia? Share below.

The Week In Tri: Ironman Auctions Kona Slots and the ITU come to Cape Town – Episode #030

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: The World Triathlon Series takes on the sprint distance this time in Cape Town. Jan Frodeno picks up a Laureus award. Ironman auctions off Kona slots to the highest bidder. All this and more in this week’s episode as we take in the latest triathlon […]

I taught her to Blood Dope – How and WHY

Story time and opening a proverbial can of peaches at the same time. This video is about the very specific instance where I would advise an athlete to consider the “transfusion” form of blood doping. What is your opinion on the matter? Share below.

Cross Triathlon Back at Richmond on the XTERRA trails

While financial constraints have prevented a full US Tour XTERRA from happening in Richmond this year, it does not mean that you won’t be able to race on those same awesome trails. I explain how in this video.

British Doping Doctor BUSTED – Over 150 SPORTS STARS Implicated

The next domino has fallen in what is turning out to be a very interesting Olympic year. The biggest panic seems to be coming out of the super clean English premier league football (known as soccer in the USA). This video is my opinion on the matter. What about you? Share below.

Cadence and why XTERRA is like no other TRIATHLON

Cycling Cadence is a very topical issue in triathlon these days – especially with road cyclist data showing optimum wattage in the 90 to 110 range. In today’s video I discuss how drastically XTERRA differs from triathlon in terms of power output and cadence choices. What about you? What is your preferred cadence for triathlon […]