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One thing that I have learnt through experience is the importance of a hydration balance. I have heard so often that athletes quote Tim Noakes about the importance of getting to the end of your ultra slightly under hydrated. But does that mean that you ought to set off on your training runs already dehydrated […]

Motorcycles take out BIKE RACE in TOUR of BELGIUM Stage 3

Last weekend at the Tour of Belgium was a massive and easily avoidable crash in the peloton, that left one rider in a coma. How many pro riders need to die before the UCI steps in regarding how official vehicles need to operate in close proximity to a peloton. This video is my opinion on […]

VEGANS are RACIST and ELITIST – My Response

Talk about having a HUGE chip on your shoulder! WTF!! Many of you will remember the media reporting on the remarkable surge of veganism in Britain, particularly among the youth. Besides the usual lame responses from ignorant people and expected push-back from the meat, egg and dairy industries – one particular reaction requires additional comment. […]

Shortcut to more POWER on the Bike

Is there a “magic formula” to increase your power output on the bike when the road swings up hill? What is the most effective way to get your power numbers up quickly? This video covers a simple strategy that I use to boost my power output and you can too.


A week ago was the first recorded vegan death on Mount Everest. Even though the climber died from complications relating to altitude sickness, the world has gone bat $#!+ crazy at how this climbers diet / lifestyle choice was her cause of death. This video is my response to the madness from a climber’s perspective.

Use this TAPER for your Next 100 MILER

I have been told that my behavior during taper resembles a cross between addiction withdrawal and PMS… All cranky and irritable. However, I arrive at the start line refreshed, fueled up and eager. This video highlights what I do. What do you do during your taper? Share below. For more insights into my strategy for […]

The Week In Tri: Jan Frodeno Qualifies for Ironman Kona – Episode #035

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: World Champion Jan Frodeno stamped his Kona ticket with a solid second at one of the toughest Ironman events on the planet. Team USA announced the sixth and final member of their Rio Olympic Triathlon squad. All this and more in this week’s episode as […]

Melting Love Handles FAST

There is a commonly held belief that the road to fat loss and a slender midriff is paved by your running shoes. However, as the saying goes – you can’t out run a bad diet. This is especially true when you are just starting along the path of getting fit. This video is about the […]

Psyched for a SWIM WORKOUT – UNTIL…

Here in Spain temperatures are warming drastically as we edge closer to summer. So I got this idea into my head… Although the local swimming pool is officially only open for two months of the year (July and August), I’m sure the water is warm enough to train after 2 weeks of day temperatures in […]


I have seen glowing testimonials about this miracle product that gives you an instantaneous toned butt without any of the diet and exercise that so many struggle with. It sounded all too good to be true, so I did some of my own research. This video outlines my findings and recommendations. What do you think? […]