All Smiles as Chrissie Wellington takes to Ultra Running

Chrissie is back to the world of endurance sport – and bringing that trademark infectious smile with her.

Here we take the opportunity to celebrate Chrissie and all endurance athlete women setting goals and taking on new challenges.

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After running the London Marathon in April, Chrissie says that she started to Google ultra-marathons to see what they would be like during that post marathon haze of euphoria.

Chrissie admits that she has really enjoyed having a sporting goal again – even though she feels woefully under prepared for the double marathon distance of the Race to the Tower that she’ll line up for on 10 June.

In terms of race strategy Chrissie has no idea what to expect, so asked some experienced ultra-runners for some pointers. The advice that she received was identical to what I tell first time ultra-runners that I coach: This to start at a slower pace than you think is necessary, start you refueling much earlier than you have before and walk the hills. Most importantly though, enjoy it.

So Chrissie will follow her own quote: “Never, ever give up. And smile.”