Foam Rolling for soreness at O-Fit Gym – Here’s Why

Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and sore? Believe it or not, chronic back and leg tension is just as prevalent in the general population as it is in professional sports.

Sometimes our tired legs and achy back don’t want to cooperate with even the very first steps out of bed in the morning. There are certain areas of the body that experience recurring tension simply because we all sit, stand and move our bodies in a certain way.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a daily massage do deal with the bodily discomfort caused by simply being human. Luckily there is foam rolling – also known as trigger point or myofascial release.

Long before foam rolling became an essential too of athletes looking for faster recovery after training, it has been a key modality in physio therapy to address muscle imbalances and posture misalignment.

Even if you are not an Olympian you can still benefit from the recovery tools they use. Maybe you are stiff and sore from a brutal day in the campo, or overdid it at Zumba class, or spent too much fiesta time in those killer heels. Either way, just a single session on a foam roller will help you “bounce back” to normal way quicker.

The good news is that foam roller sessions are now available at the O-Fit gym here in Orgiva. Either come for a stand-alone session or book a series of sessions as a way to fill the gaps between your appointments with Matt Hopkins at the Holistic centre.

Additional info is available at Matt’s practice rooms and the Gym in Orgiva.

If you’re not in Orgiva, speak to a personal trainer at your local gym and contact me.