I might beat risk of giving away too much as a triathlon and running coach

Almost every single new age group runner that signs up for coaching does exactly the same thing. Do you also bash out workout after workout, all at threshold intensity and all at a pace that you have never been able to hold for the full distance of your target races? You go out at the pace you trained at and absolutely blow up two to three miles from the finish… Sound familiar? Or is it collapse in the middle and recover towards the finish?

I’m sure that for many of you that may be a painful admission to make.

Here is the difference where elite runners and their coaches trump your strategy every day of the week. That is because every workout of the week has a target or goal – even if that goal seems to have no connection to your target race pace.

This video will give you an insight into how elites get so much more out of almost the same number of hours of training to what you already do.

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