The Heat Is ON!!

I know that it has been feeling super hot here in Southern Spain these past couple of days – increasing the need for maintaining hydration levels. Here is what the Daily Mail (UK) had to say.

Weather warning website MeteoAlarm has issued warnings of ‘dangerous’ conditions in 11 countries in Europe, including – as well as Italy, Spain and Croatia – parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Montenegro.

With peak temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius in much of Italy, a total of 26 major towns and cities were on the health ministry’s maximum heat alert.

Today, Seville in Spain and some areas of the Italian island of Sardinia can expect temperatures around 42-43C, while Novska in Croatia is predicted an afternoon high of 40C.

The Italian city of Florence saw temperatures were exceeding 40 degrees, however ‘perceived temperature’ – determined by temperature, humidity and wind and has been reported at more than 50 degrees.

In Romania, ‘red alerts’ have been issued after meteorologists have forecast 42C in western parts of the country.

Earlier this week, Split airport in Croatia recorded 42.3C, not far from the country’s highest ever temperature of 42.8C in 1981.

High humidity in the north and hot winds from Africa in the south are making the perceived temperatures seem even hotter on beaches across the Mediterranean.

The spike in temperature has also caused wildfires in Italy, Spain and Croatia this week.

In Italy’s central region of Abruzzo, the fires has claimed the life of at least one person and forced the closure of a major highway.