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Zero to 50 MILES in ONLY 11 WEEKS

So what now…. You’ve signed up for an ultra marathon, your first ever 50 miler. Now reality has dawned that you only have 11 weeks to prepare. How achievable a goal is that? This is the topic under discussion in today’s video. Share your opinions and experiences below as well.

Runners or cyclist knee? DO THIS NOW – Instant relief

Whether your knee is at the level of slight discomfort, a niggle, or full limping – there is one thing that you can do NOW that will relieve 90% of knee problems almost immediately. Do this regularly and you will save yourself from going under the knife and give you years of injury free running. […]

Choosing your LONGEST TRAINING RUN for a first 50k

Choosing how far to go for the weekly long run on your training plan can be challenging – especially for the newer runner. And more so when you are preparing for your first ever 50k. Make the run too short and you won’t get sufficient aerobic fitness from the run. Likewise, if you make the […]

The Week In Tri: LANCE Armstrong Triathlon BAN ENDS in 2016 – Episode #014

Welcome to the final episode of THE WEEK IN TRI for 2015. Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: The loophole in the WADA rules that will allow Lance Armstrong to return to triathlon in 2016. Both Ironman and Challenge have announced new destination events at stunning locations. All this and more […]

LANCE Armstrong WINS 35k TRAIL RUN RACE on 13 December 2015

So Lance Armstrong won some little trail race and suddenly social media is buzzing about how Lance being out on the trails with other runners is ruining the sport for other runners. My video examines what difference Lance makes in an obscure corner of California. Is the trail running community really so angry at Lance […]

Stairmaster vs Hill Repeats RUN WORKOUT

Today we have an athlete question from a young lady who is thinking of doing a workout of the stair master in place of hill repeats run session that her coach has put on her training plan. This gives me the chance to explain to you the fundamentals of a stair master training session vs […]

The Week In Tri: IRONMAN Loses $100k because of HILLS – Episode #016

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: USA Triathlon shooting the brand new High Schools program in the foot. Ironman’s $100.000 loss because not enough athletes like hills. Ironman’s All World Athlete Champions and why effective age grouper doping controls is highly unlikely. All this and more in this week’s episode as […]

The Vitamin Mineral Supplement that I USE for MY RUNNING is…

As we move into winter months here in Europe, the topic of vitamin supplements is often at the forefront of discussions. Here in Southern Spain the winter is so mild that I can still do my morning run in shorts and a technical t-shirt during mid-January; so I can’t complain about the temperature. However, the […]

Running at 132BPM… Is that NORMAL or CRAZY WIERD?

I have a question from an athlete that is new to heart rate training. He went out for his first run with his new heart rate monitor. When he got home he noticed that his heart rate was only 132bpm. He’s worried that he might be going too slowly to get any fitness benefit from […]