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3 Biggest Mistakes at the Gym – STOP THIS NOW!

The biggest mistakes that newbies make in the gym can be broken down into three key areas: Not using the equipment correctly; lifting too heavy too soon, and finally a lack of planning. Getting the first two sorted will go a long way to preventing injury setbacks that can end your gym lifestyle before it […]


This question raises the more important factor of the two key macro groupings of exercises. On the one side you have cardiovascular training, while on the other side is resistance training. Both forms of training have a role to play within any structured training plan. When it comes to creating a structured training plan, you […]

Women in the Gym Avoid Bulky Muscles Like This – GUARANTEED!

So many women avoid touching weights in the gym because they believe lifting weights will give them masculine muscles. Nothing can be further from the truth, and here is why… There is a new and improved blog piece about weight training and the mistakes that could set you back months from achieving your fitness or sporting […]

Planks for Weight Loss

Don’t get me wrong, the plank is a great exercise for strengthening your core. That is vital to support any other training you do – upper body or legs. However, when it comes to weight loss, there are far more effective options. Let’s take a closer look. There is a new and improved blog piece […]

Quitting Gym and Weight Gain – The UNEXPECTED REALITY

This is a real fear that I see with so many people in the gym. Folks are absolutely petrified of losing all of their gym gains and turning into that overweight version of themselves they remember back at the beginning of their fitness journey. That is why it is so vital that you need to […]

Why Most Runners Don’t Lose Weight

What is it with athletes these days. Everybody seems to be on a diet while training and most continue to complain that they still struggle to shed the pounds. Then there is the flood of articles, books and blog posts promoting calorie restriction/calorie deficit as the way to get lean. Let’s look at one of […]

Weight training for a 100 Miler

Today’s question deals with the option of doing weight training for a 100 mile ultra marathon. The athlete wants to increase his gym sessions to four workouts per week of lifting weights. I suppose that he is afraid of losing his ‘gains’. This video gives my view on the role of pumping heavy weights as […]