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So we’ve had Keto, Banting, Atkins, Fruitarian, Breatharian, Bullet Proof Coffee, and a myrid of various iterations of the Bikini Body diet – so this was bound to happen at some stage. Behold the miracle of the pizza diet. Just imagine your new figure at the end of an unlimited supply of processed carbs, saturated […]

The Heat Is ON!!

I know that it has been feeling super hot here in Southern Spain these past couple of days – increasing the need for maintaining hydration levels. Here is what the Daily Mail (UK) had to say. Weather warning website MeteoAlarm has issued warnings of ‘dangerous’ conditions in 11 countries in Europe, including – as well […]

Keeping Weight Loss Motivation

One of the things that keeps us from completely falling off the wagon relating to our weight loss goals is motivation. That becomes even more critical when the scale shows a plateau or even a pound or two extra. Sure it helps having a coach, trainer or accountability partner. Let’s take a closer look at […]

Running is a Pyramid Scheme

Today I have an athlete question about how to build up the physical and mental endurance to cope with the demands of a 50 mile ultra marathon. In this video I show how the optimum progression system works so that you can reach your distance goals and remain injury free. Share your opinions below too.

Athlete’s Dairy-Free Spinach and Artichoke Dip – Whole Food Protein Packed

Just because you are an athlete looking to increase your lean protein intake – does not mean that you cannot enjoy a delicious dip on match day. This option is both packed with micro nutrients, and devoid of artery clogging cholesterol and saturated fat not to mention sodium. This fat-free, dairy-free spinach and artichoke dip […]

The 800 Calorie Diet for MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS

I know that many people are searching for that one simple diet program that will let them lose a massive amount of weight, reach their goals super quickly and not get moody in the process. Why do I know? – Because that used to be me. So let’s look at the newest 800kCal per day […]

Melting Fat Rolls The Easy Way

There seems to be a recurring theme in the questions I have been seeing asked on various social groups. That being options for weight / fat loss. Outside of what I have studied on the matter, there has been what I have done myself. I once was clinically obese before shedding and keeping off a […]

The Easiest Way to Lose 20lbs – WHAT I DID

I don’t know about you – but every time I set myself a specific weight loss goal, it feels as if the progress is so slow that I will never shed the pounds. Not to mention every time that the scale showed a gain of a pound… So I decided to change my point of […]


While there are many things that you can possibly do with your mountain bike that would not be the sharpest idea – like what is shown in the thumbnail…. However, there is one thing that you should never ever do with your mountain bike….. Check out the video above, and let me know your opinion […]


Good news! I’m launching Coach Edu on-line sports shop – check it out here. My aim is to bring you a selection of quality sports apparel/products – including: running, cycling, triathlon, and gymnasium etc. – at affordable prices and in the comfort of your own home. I’ve researched and selected each one of my suppliers […]