Coach Edu’s Complete Program for Marathons


THE COMPLETE PROGRAM for MARATHONS is designed to cover Training, Nutrition; Hydration; and Recovery.

Three complete training programs and delicious recipes too.


Here are a few details about: Coach Edu’s Complete Program for Marathons:
1. Three complete 20 week marathon training plans to match your fitness level, two of them already taylored for women runners.
2. Three complete 4 week recovery programs so that you can be fully prepared for your next training cycle.
3. A complete 24 week Nutrition Program to ensure that you are adequately fuelled.
4. There are additional chapters on running form, nutrition strategies, hydration, injury prevention and even a chapter on the reverse periodisation system used by elite athletes and their coaches.
5. I’ve even given you a chapter crammed full of my favourite recipes for mouth-watering and nutritious athlete food.
6. A total of 207 pages crammed full knowledge, food and training that will help you become a better runner.

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