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Newbie Runner Increasing Distance Without Injury – QUORA

One very important issue for newbie runners that I see all too often is the matter of progression in distance. This is especially important when you are just starting out. Every newbie runner will experience cardio fitness improving faster than the strengthening of ligaments and tendons. If you increase your distance at the same tempo […]

Teaching Your Child to Quit – When is it OK? – Quora

Children – especially physically active children have phenomenal resilience. I remember that from my years as a rock climbing coach working with young climbers. That begs the question, if a child shows little aptitude for an activity beyond boundless enthusiasm with a wide smile and bright eyes…. When is the right time to pull that […]

Dihydrogen Monoxide is POWERFUL But NOT BANNED BY WADA

It is interesting to note that the chemical compound that has the most profound impact on athletic performance has not been banned by WADA nor any other national federation. What’s more, we all consume it by the gallon whether we are age groupers or professionals… I’m interested to hear your opinions on Dihydrogen Monoxide as […]

Accute Plantar Fasciitis: DO THIS NOW

When it comes to injuries like Plantar Fasciitis, the best and obvious solution is to follow a structured program for exactly where your fitness is and to adapt for your personal fitness progression. Add to that a laser sharp focus on maintaining correct running form so that you don’t get any injuries at all. Obviously […]


Following comments and questions – some legitimate and others from trolls – lets take a look at “carbs make you fat / fruit makes you fat / what about protein” arguments. There has never been one single reported death of a protein deficiency. EVER. Clinical studies dating back as long as 77 years show simple […]

How To Compete Against Better Talent – Quora

There will always be someone with more natural talent (or better looking) than you. But don’t for a moment believe that this prevents you from being competitive. There is one thing that will always, eventually, beat raw talent. ALWAYS!

Canada Gets 22000km of bike paths in 2017

If you are looking for an alternative bike tour venue during the 10 weeks of the year when the south of Spain is simply too hot, I may have found an option. Canada is due to get 22000km of bike paths in 2016. For the rest of the year when Canada is too cold, come […]


I remember watching Dr Robert Lustig give a talk some time ago about the evils of sugar and importantly fruit in your diet. The part that struck me as ironic was that Dr Lustig has a BMI that is borderline obese while the whole food vegans in his audience who all eat a LOT of […]


The men’s race this year shaped into the Frodeno / Kienle battle that we all expected. However, at only 4:44 down at the finish, we are left to wonder what would have happened if third place Patrick Lange had not served the drafting penalty. We’ll take a closer look at how inflicting drafting penalties can […]

Reduce Saddle Pressure from a New Bike Like THIS – Quora

We all know that feeling when you get into cycling for the first time. Your butt needs to adapt to the feel of a bicycle saddle between your legs. There are, however, a coupe of tricks to the trade to make it easier for your tush to adapt to the feel of cycling longer distances.