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Training to COPE with the LONG DARK NIGHTS of the SOUL in ULTRA RUNNING

Night running – that unique aspect of ultra distance trail running. Long, dark and quiet hours where your entire world is confined to that small pool of light from your head torch. As Nietzsche says: “When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you…” This video deals with how best to train and […]

Training from Marathon to 50 Miler: Why Time Scales Vary?

There are a multitude of training plans available across all distances. I am sure that you have noticed that some plans are as short as eight or ten weeks, while others extend to 20 weeks or longer. If online training programs are as “one size fits all” as they claim to be, why is it […]

The Week In Tri: Triathlon’s Queen of the DUNGEON – Episode #019

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: Daniela Ryf emerging from her Swiss Winter “Pain Cave / dungeon” to deliver a scalding performance at the Ironman 70.3 in Dubai… Challenge Family Triathlon continues to expand and grow, adding 2 new stunning destination events. The ITU doing what they do best. All this […]

Swapping out workouts in a training plan GOOD or BAD Idea

So often in our lives various commitments seem to be set on derailing our best thought out (or downloaded) training plans. You know – those times when it feels like an inner civil war between family, work and your training plan. The temptation then arises to start swapping out workouts to try and make everything […]

Performance Enhancement with BEEF JERKY

You will be amazed at the questions that I get about whether this, that or the next thing can be used to boost performance… Some are more dubious than others. And so it is with today’s video. Today we analyze beef jerky as running fuel – and in what way it may be able to […]

Zero to Trail 25k in 1 month

Occasionally I get the “miracle worker” type request from an athlete – and today is one such day. Obviously not even I can turn an obese couch potato into a Scott Jurek inside a month. However, this is not quite like that. In this video I explain how I help a fit young lady come […]

My Favorite Multi Vitamin

Now that we are getting into the coldest months of the year (not that I really notice the cold in the South of Spain) conversation inevitably turns to options for vitamin supplements. My winter time vitamin regime is almost identical to what I do in summer. I share that with you in THIS video. What […]

Whole Food Fueling for Runners

It is well known that I am a firm advocate of whole food options when it comes to athlete fueling, both in training and racing. The question that flows from that is what are my personal choices for whole food athlete fuel. That is what I cover in THIS video. What about you? What whole […]

Weight training for a 100 Miler

Today’s question deals with the option of doing weight training for a 100 mile ultra marathon. The athlete wants to increase his gym sessions to four workouts per week of lifting weights. I suppose that he is afraid of losing his ‘gains’. This video gives my view on the role of pumping heavy weights as […]