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The Week In Tri: Another New Chinese IM70.3 with KONA SLOTS – Episode #017

Highlights of THIS episode of THE WEEK IN TRI include: Australia’s challenging Olympic selection process… Yet another Chinese Ironman 70.3 is awarding Kona slots. A trend seems to be developing here. All this and more in this week’s episode as we take in the latest triathlon news from around the globe and preview the international […]

Art of the 100k TAPER

The Art of the 100k Taper goes far deeper than simply what to during race week or the week before that. Think of it as the capstone at the top of your training pyramid. This delicate balance between pyramid and perfectly shaped capstone is what I cover in today’s video. What do you do for […]

The BIGGEST advantage of a Heart Rate Monitor is THIS

Today’s question deals with what specific advantages heart rate monitors have. An entire chapter of my new book due out in January 2016 deals with heart rate monitor training. So with that in mind, let’s unpack the single biggest advantage of using a heart rate monitor in this video. What do your feel is your […]

Niggles vs INJURIES: Know the Difference

If you have been running for a while I am sure that you have encountered at least one niggle along the way. Those bits of discomfort that come and go as you run… That pain that is mysteriously here today and just as mysteriously gone tomorrow. The injury is a completely different beast The debilitation […]

Crazy idea for a runner’s jiggling beer belly

I have been around the running / triathlon / multi-sport game for many years and seen some crazy innovations. Some disappear quickly while others stay – such as compression garments. This latest idea for jiggling beer bellies, I’m not entirely sure. There certainly will be a market, but the jury is still out on it […]

Trail Running’s biggest problem with WADA

There has been a lot of robust debate of late across various social media regarding the use – widespread or not of performance enhancing drugs within the sport of trail and ultra running. This has led to an interesting spin-off debate… Cannabinoids are on the WADA list of banned substances. Does this mean that a […]

Zero to 50 MILES in ONLY 11 WEEKS

So what now…. You’ve signed up for an ultra marathon, your first ever 50 miler. Now reality has dawned that you only have 11 weeks to prepare. How achievable a goal is that? This is the topic under discussion in today’s video. Share your opinions and experiences below as well.

Runners or cyclist knee? DO THIS NOW – Instant relief

Whether your knee is at the level of slight discomfort, a niggle, or full limping – there is one thing that you can do NOW that will relieve 90% of knee problems almost immediately. Do this regularly and you will save yourself from going under the knife and give you years of injury free running. […]

Choosing your LONGEST TRAINING RUN for a first 50k

Choosing how far to go for the weekly long run on your training plan can be challenging – especially for the newer runner. And more so when you are preparing for your first ever 50k. Make the run too short and you won’t get sufficient aerobic fitness from the run. Likewise, if you make the […]