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Foam Rolling for soreness at O-Fit Gym – Here’s Why

Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and sore? Believe it or not, chronic back and leg tension is just as prevalent in the general population as it is in professional sports. Sometimes our tired legs and achy back don’t want to cooperate with even the very first steps out of bed in the morning. […]

All about the mesh

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If USA triathlon wants us all to believe their illusion that they are committed to a sport that is free of any performance enhancing products, then they ought to be a lot more careful of why they team up with as sponsors of their national championship events.

Hiking and Trail Running: Alpujarras Spain

Are you and avid hiker or trail runner? Have you always been dreaming of hiking in Spain? Hiking, walking and trail running in Las Alpujarras is an exceptional experience. The region of mountain villages known as Las Alpujarras clings to the southern flanks of the Sierra Nevada, cloven by deep, sheltered valleys and gorges which […]