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Melting Fat Rolls The Easy Way

There seems to be a recurring theme in the questions I have been seeing asked on various social groups. That being options for weight / fat loss. Outside of what I have studied on the matter, there has been what I have done myself. I once was clinically obese before shedding and keeping off a […]

Foam Rolling for soreness at O-Fit Gym – Here’s Why

Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and sore? Believe it or not, chronic back and leg tension is just as prevalent in the general population as it is in professional sports. Sometimes our tired legs and achy back don’t want to cooperate with even the very first steps out of bed in the morning. […]

All Smiles as Chrissie Wellington takes to Ultra Running

Chrissie is back to the world of endurance sport – and bringing that trademark infectious smile with her. Here we take the opportunity to celebrate Chrissie and all endurance athlete women setting goals and taking on new challenges. As part of Celebrating Chrissie’s Ultra Marathon debut we have a special for you on all ladies […]


The UCI flexed it’s illusion of power a little too far when it demanded that all World Tour teams race the Team Time Trial at the UCI World Championship. The TTT is the only event at the UCI World Championship for trade teams. No prize money, No UCI points, No TV coverage. Not surprising what […]

Awesome Juice Festival in RIO

  So we are coming to the end of the second part of that wonderful juice fest that happened in Rio, Brazil. Even though the next main juice fest is scheduled for Tokyo in 2020 never fear, we have a couple of smaller juice fests to keep us occupied before then… The IRB will have […]

STRAVA Segment needs a NAME – HELP (vlog)

Join me in this vlog, exploring a week day morning in Orgiva, Spain.  Featured along the way is this superb STRAVA segment on a super quiet road that is just begging to be Everested. Help me with a cool name for such a cool segment.

All about the mesh

High Carb Low Fat Plant Based Lifestyle – reduce sodium; increase potassium and hydration. Then move your body daily… And the benefits will come. I can help you NOW! Both individual and group sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts. Make the choice for your long term health and vitality. I’m here for you.


There is this belief going round that “certain” countries have brainwashed their athletes into state organized PED programs. These athletes are apparently being branwashed to believe that the only way to Olympic medals is through pharmaceuticals. However, it should be obvious to everyone that saw Team Great Britain’s dominance in Rio, that countries will do […]

Team GB Disputes Womens 1500m result at RIO 2016

So Team Great Britain got beaten in the Women’s 1500m at the last two Olympic games – Rio and London by athletes from nations that win a fraction of the medal count that Team Great Britain rake in. In their dispute, Team Great Britain have insinuated that the only way these other athletes are able […]


If USA triathlon wants us all to believe their illusion that they are committed to a sport that is free of any performance enhancing products, then they ought to be a lot more careful of why they team up with as sponsors of their national championship events.